[🎶SG] AET EVO-EW125NI Premium Ground Cable
[🎶SG] AET EVO-EW125NI Premium Ground Cable
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, [🎶SG] AET EVO-EW125NI Premium Ground Cable
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, [🎶SG] AET EVO-EW125NI Premium Ground Cable

[🎶SG] AET EVO-EW125NI Premium Ground Cable

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AET EVO-EW125NI Premium Ground Cable - 1.5m


> Adoption of antistatic material that greatly reduces electrical noise
> Very delicate signals flow through the ground line, so it is important to take measures against loss due to external noise effects. A new antistatic material developed by AET has been adopted to reduce loss. Furthermore, by not using carbon, which tends to generate electrical noise, we have succeeded in generating almost no electrical noise.

> Adopted high-purity DF oxygen-free copper made in Japan for the first time as a conductor for grounding
> So far, we have adopted various conductors and released ground wires, but this time we have adopted " domestic high-purity DF oxygen-free copper ". DF oxygen-free copper is a conductor with a larger cross-sectional area achieved by depositing and solidifying molten copper around a copper busbar with a clean surface in a vacuum. This DF oxygen-free copper is manufactured in a completely isolated environment from oxidizing environments by carrying out all manufacturing processes in atmospheric gas and vacuum. Refined as oxygen-free copper. Adopting DF oxygen-free copper realizes a more glossy tone and sense of speed.

> Improving sound quality by building an earth line
> The improvement of sound quality by connecting with racks and household grounding terminals to construct grounding lines is remarkable. This product uses a Y terminal that supports up to 6 mm, which is larger than before, so that it can be easily attached to the chassis of various devices. High-end audio equipment may have a ground terminal, so in that case, it will be more effective if you connect it there.

> Uses custom-made parts
> High-quality custom-made materials are used for proper design and tuning, from insulators to plug contacts and coating materials. Proprietary technology MPC (multi-process cryo) treatment is applied to increase strength and conductivity.

> Everything from materials to processing in Japan
> All AET products are produced and processed in Japan. It's a promise to our customers. As well as the top-end model, we also stick to purely domestic products for the entry model. The final processing is done manually by skilled precision processing craftsmen one by one with sincerity.


Product name: EVO-EW125NI
Conductor: Domestic high-purity DF oxygen-free copper
Cross-sectional area: 1.25 Square
Structure: Dense collection
Insulation: Air insulation with lead-free flame-retardant heat-resistant material
Clothing: Flame-retardant and heat-resistant materials (materials that eliminate carbon and lead)
Terminal: Anti-high frequency coating Y terminal (In side ~ 5mm Out side ~ 6mm)
Length: 1.5m